Francesco Reiser, a Swiss citizen, came to Italy in 1870 and he began his activity in the fabrics field in Gallarate, using embroidering machines imported from St Gallen.

Since then, through various transformations noted in the Treccani Encyclopaedia (volume number 29, page 230), the Milan-based shirt fabrics company arrived at the present day with the same image, the same efficiency and the unaltered talent for serving a select and discerning clientele, which is one of its most distinctive characteristics.

Before becoming in 1968 the current Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi S.r.l., in addition to Francesco Reiser, one of his two children and another partner, Mr Alessandro Livaditi, who had worked in the fabrics industry since the age of fourteen, also joined the shirt fabrics production company.

The activity of the fabrics company continued at full steam; there was never a shortage of work, so, in 1984, Alessandro’s son, Dario Livaditi, also decided to leave his job as a computer programmer to join the company.
Over thirty years have passed since then and Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi S.r.l. has now reached its third generation: in 2014, in fact, Dario’s son, Alessandro Livaditi, also joined the company, heir of an historic brand in the industry of shirt fabric production with know-how and expertise having distant roots.

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