From shirt fabrics with classic designs and patterns, to the creation of fabrics produced on the basis of designs and structures often suggested by the historical archives and reinvented according to fashionable colours or based upon the specific requirements of customers.

A past that strongly characterises the Milan-based shirt fabrics company, leaving its mark particularly in terms of customer service and guaranteed product quality, and a present that is expressed in its ability to meet the demands of shirt makers, stylists and shirt manufacturing companies requiring classic patterns reinvented in more modern key for their collections.

The suitcase containing the classic samples of shirt fabrics and seasonal fabrics is the greatest wealth of Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi Srl; at every appointment and on every occasion you can touch and feel the quality of its fabrics.

Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi S.r.l. offers various shirt fabrics, from classic types such as Oxford, Twill, Poplin, Panama, Leno Weave, Pin Point, Zephyr, to the more trendy styles in fashionable colours. All fabrics of the Milan-based company bear the historical trademarks: the horse, which belonged to a Blackburn firm from which Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi S.r.l. imported poplin, and the turtle “with the wind in its sail”.

A vast collection of classic shirt fabrics and seasonal patterns in trendy colours