It is not history or legend: the suitcase containing samples of shirt fabrics really does exist and in all the business’s years of activity, it has always accompanied – and still accompanies – the company’s representatives and owners across the world, at every appointment.

The suitcase contains all the samples of classic fabrics and seasonal offerings created based upon the classic shirt designs, focusing on fashionable colours and recent trends.

There are solid colours in 100% cotton fabric, in linen and linen blend, shirt fabrics with stripes, checks and pinstripes, and even classic herringbone fabrics or those reinterpreted with creativity and good taste.
The variety of proposals of Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi Srl allows the Milan-based firm to satisfy in full the needs of all its customers with collections of classic shirt fabrics and more current and modern seasonal collections always of guaranteed quality.

Past and present come together in the shirt fabrics collections offered by Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi S.r.l., which, anchored to its heritage as a artisan firm of the past, never ceases to innovate and reinvent itself at all times.

A vast collection of classic shirt fabrics and seasonal patterns in trendy colours