About Us

Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi S.r.l. is a company able to address the growing needs of both its domestic and international clientele.
Despite some aspects of the business having changed compared to the past, as well as production techniques having evolved, the care and attention paid by the owners to each customer has remained unchanged over time.
The Milan-based shirt fabrics firm, as well as offering a meticulous service, uses only materials of undisputed quality and now boasts experience in the industry that few others can match.

Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi S.r.l. produces various shirt fabrics: classic fabrics created with high quality yarns – such as Oxford, Twill, Poplin, Panama, Leno Weave, Pin Point, Zephyr – and patterned fabrics in trendy colours created based upon classic shirt designs.

The trademark:
“Never change a winning horse”: the horse belonged to a firm based in Blackburn from which Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi S.r.l. imported poplin when this item was not yet produced in Italy. The Horse trademark was sold by the firm in question when Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi S.r.l. started to produce it in-house.

Over the years, with the entry of a new shareholder, the horse was supplemented by the turtle with the “wind in its sail”. Both trademarks appear on the collections of Manifattura Reiser & Livaditi S.r.l. and also distinguish the packaging of all the products.

A vast collection of classic shirt fabrics and seasonal patterns in trendy colours